About Grant

Grant graduated over 2 decades ago and has been an associate, a group practice owner, a VU lecturer and a freelance educator. He has also worked as a musculoskeletal consultant to companies in workplace health and safety.

Over the past decade, Grant has travelled the world studying the significant scientific advances that have been made in understanding Pain and Functional Movement. He has designed and implemented many different programs using these new insights and has the data and experience to know what works in practice and what does not.

Grant has found that access to new science and ideas in the musculoskeletal industry is now the low hanging fruit. Far more challenging is how we use these discoveries to get more of what we want – to create momentum in our own professional journey, or to create sustainable performance in the practitioner teams within our practice.

Grant has built ProMotion to deliver the Science, Structure and Strategy that shuts out the noise of the past decade, staying focused on helping you keep moving forward in your clinical career.