About Grant

Grant Burrows started ProMotion in 2021.

ProMotion is born out of over 2 decades of clinical experience in implementing and translating the more modern musculoskeletal ideas and insights into real world practice.

Over the past decade in particular, Grant has travelled the world learning from the global leaders in musculoskeletal pain and function, as well as deep diving into the behavioural science behind pain and motivation.

Closer to home, Grant has continually experimented and implemented these approaches into practice – where it matters most – and has found what works, what could work and what doesn’t work.

On this journey he has come face to face with the obstacles that make progress and evolution difficult in the musculoskeletal industry.

Grant has rolled up these obstacles into what he calls Practitioner Squeeze.

Grant has a strong history of teaching in both freelance CPD and at the Victoria University Osteopathy course, as well as a “hands on” clinical career that continues today.

Grant is both well credentialled and passionate about helping practitioners and practice leaders understand the obstacles that make forward motion difficult and, most importantly, help them overcome the Squeeze they create!