It was once thought that our greatest challenge was to better understand pain in all its neurological complexity. Some years on, we have now found a more important challenge than this.

How do practitioners align their use of Pain Science in practice to deliver better outcomes for patients, while also creating more engaging and variable work for themselves?

The Growing Pains workshop takes this extra step and offers practitioners tools to effectively bring Pain Science to life in practice.

From this workshop practitioners will learn:

The key questions you need to ask to accurately define a patients’ pain story or pain context.

There are clues everywhere that reveal how a patient perceives their problem and their pain..

6 common misconceptions patients have regarding their pain

Building collaborative relationships with patients who are unlikely to progress with manual treatment alone.

Pain is complex and people are complex. It is easy for practitioners to get backed into a corner, constantly reacting to the patients’ lead and unintentionally compromising their own professional role. This can create exhausting work with low satisfaction.

The Growing Pains workshop is the intentional next step on from the Pain Science “revolution”, where practitioners get the tools they need to reclaim some autonomy and influence when working with tricky chronic pain clients.

Workshop materials provided.