The shoulder is a challenge to rehabilitate. One reason for this complexity is its inherently unstable anatomical design.

The Shoulder Utility workshop presents a fresh rehabilitation approach for the shoulder based on its’ Utility – ie the very specific demands of what we want or need the shoulder to do!

This approach moves beyond tissue thinking and is based instead on neuroscience – including motor learning, proprioception and neuroplasticity.

This more custom based program design offers clients a more efficient, effective and engaging rehab programs than the old “tissue model” could do.

You will leave this workshop with:

A solid understanding of the most relevant neuroscience needed to rebuild the shoulder.

A method to prescribe the most appropriate tasks for all sorts of shoulder problems.

Communication strategies to define the significant limitations in shoulder utility.

Helpful movements “tweaks” so you can custom build a program for any shoulder client!

Implementation tips to optimize the exercise experience for clients.

This workshop can’t make shoulder rehab easy or 100% effective, but it does organise complex neuroscience into a clinical approach that makes sense and broadens practitioner thought process and skill level!

Workshop materials provided.