Every practice leader knows the holy grail is to lead a motivated and high performing practitioner team in their practice. Practitioners that reliably deliver what patients want and need, that take responsibility for their professional growth, all within a practice culture where practitioners are connected both professionally and socially.

In the past decade, practice leaders have become much better at using metrics to measure practitioner performance.The idea being….you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Which, of course, is true. Measurement is effective at picking up performance problems quickly and allows leaders to act quickly to minimise the damage that poor performance can have on patient flow within a practice.

But measuring is not the same as motivating your practitioners. Measuring is about fixing leaks in the bucket. Motivating is about building energy and momentum in a direction that is mutually compelling for practitioners and practice leaders.

The Measuring and Motivating your Practitioners workshop contends that motivation is a function of what and who we connect with.

We will cover 4 key connections that drive practitioner motivation and practice culture:

make the work make sense!

creating a tight team.

creating engaging and meaningful work

aligning practice and personal values

In a crowded marketplace, leading an engaged and energised practitioner team is a serious competitive advantage.
Let us help you do it…..

Workshop materials provided.