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  •    Workshops   

    can be run onsite at your practice at a time of your convenience.

    It was once thought that our greatest challenge was to better understand pain in all its neurological complexity.

    A fresh and more functional rehab approach

    The shoulder is a challenge to rehabilitate. One reason for this complexity is its inherently unstable anatomical design.


    are run out of The Cluster in
    Melbourne CBD.

    Every practice leader knows the holy grail is to lead a motivated and high performing practitioner team in their practice. Practitioners that reliably deliver what patients want and need, that take responsibility for their professional growth, all within a practice culture where practitioners are connected both professionally and socially.

    In the past decade, practice leaders have become much better at using metrics to measure practitioner performance. The idea being….you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Which, of course, is true.

  • Programs
    Practitioner Program

    This 6 week program is for practitioners within a given practice.

    We intentionally facilitate collaboration between practitioners – both in these sessions and through their day to day work together. For too long ‘CPD’ has been run with random individuals from various practices who cant help each other implement in practice when it matters most!

    Practice Leaders Program

    As a Practice Leader you want and need consistent and sustainable performance from your practitioners. And while you can’t control everything, you possibly have more influence than you realise on the development and performance of your Practitioner group.

    The Designing Practice Performance program helps practice leaders identify the day to day opportunities to better develop their practitioners.